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Miley Cyrus playfully gives a great big hug to ex-boyfriend Nick Jonason the set of their new music video, “Send It On,” at Pepperdine University on Saturday (June 6) in Malibu, Calif.

Selena Gomez plays a game of wiffle ball with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas.

Nelena friends?! or only for the video and Niley its getting closer?!
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6/7/2009 08:58:53 am

ahaha i like the poll u made..and i rly like the last option! selena just getting in the middle! LOL

6/9/2009 03:39:48 am

This picture of them on the field thing. there is a picture of miley on twitter where shes layed down on that field.. sunbathing wearing the same thing. and she called it,
a good think about life. i needed abit of sunshine.

something like that :) x

6/11/2009 07:29:33 am

LOL! Selena being in the way!!! But honestly Niley is my fave couple and I love how happy they look! I love that little hug thing! And how Miley is like chasing nick! Lol. So awesome and cute!!! NILEY ALWAYZ AND FOREVER!

12/23/2010 11:13:51 am

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