'The Niley Web'

The paparazzi following Justin around like He was a super Star sucks but Look what he asked him..
Paparazzi - Justin its that true you guys broke up?! you & Miley?
Justin - [in silence]
Paparazzi - Are you jealous about Nick Jonas?!
Justin - [pointing at his car][still no comments]

and Here its the clip check it out!!
Credit to http://twitter.com/wesupportniley follow her if you havent already!

6/11/2009 07:27:09 am

I don't like 'Mustin' and i don't really approve. NILEY ALWAYZ AND FOREVER! I love the smile Miley had when they were out. I miss Nick's so call "niley smile" It was cute! I hope they r back together. FINGERS CROSSED! Haha, niley alwayz and forever!


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