'The Niley Web'

Today its OFFICIALLY the Niley day Thanks to many of Niley fans!!
Lets make it a Trending Topic on twitter people...[After every tweet post #Niley]
so we can make it and lets NOT stop so we can make it #1!!

Here is a little Niley Bio

Niley met on June 11,2006 at the Elisabeth AIDS Foundation.
Miley knew from a friend that Nick thought Miley was pretty. 'They didnt shake
hands They hugged' =).
They had an instant CRUSH.
They used to talk on the phone until 4 a.m in the morning, They used to ride bikes
together or Just Miley and Nick walking by her side singing 'My girl' to her. The
song Nick will use to win a girls heart a song He will only sing to a girl He is in love
Niley after almost a year of dating desided to take a break thats when Miley wrote him 'Girls Night Out' but immediately She wrote him 'Right Here'. At The Egg Roll
Niley reunited, They were back together.
Miley wrote a book, 'Miles to go', She dedicated this book to Nick Jonas, her Prince
Charming, she calls.She wrote 'Dedicated to my first love,the only man who understands me.The one who will forever own the key to my heart,to my Prince Charming, you know who you are.Thank you for inspiring me with this album,I loved you then,I love you now, and I'll always love you.
Niley broke up on December 19,2007. They were on BOBW tour at that time. It was really hard for Miley and Im sure for Nick too.
The day before the tour ended Miley wrote ten pages about her Prince Charming and that where '7 Things' came from. She wanted to punish him with the song but at the end '7 Things' turned out to be a love song!.
After 2 years of a little feud between them and all those heartbroken songs,Niley
hugged once again rememering the old days at the Kids Inaugural Jan 19.2009.
The Niley flames started again between them as Niley moments started to happen
again. At The Golden Globes, at KCA 09 and more!!.
When Miley was in a relationship, Nick was trying to get her back by writing her
love songs and sorry songs. After so long Niley had lunch on public FINALLY.
We all guess it was about their new song together. 'Before The Storm', a song that
Nick wrote for them to sing together. Its not a break up song, not a sad friendly song, its a Regret song.
This month [june] us the Niley fans are celebrating their day. The Niley day. We been having alot of Niley news and We're getting our hopes up. Niley might be back

6/11/2009 04:56:26 am

Awe! I love it but she didn't write that in her book,well mabye she did but i know for a fact that she wrote that in her "Thanks" on her album...but i may be wrong.

6/11/2009 04:56:53 am

Oh and forgot to say HAPPY NILEY DAY!

6/11/2009 04:58:10 am

I Luv It!!
That Was Amazing
Niley Foreva <3

6/11/2009 07:23:55 am

Happy Niley day! They r sooo cute together! I love it! I LOVE before the storm! I just luv miley and she seems happy with nick. In my opinion [and hopefully all of urs] they r meant to b. We can't make it happen we can hope. :) NILEY ALWAYZ AND FOREVER!!!! :]

12/25/2009 12:43:57 pm

i luv them both i hope they will be on again!!!

8/3/2010 12:19:59 pm

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8/10/2010 01:52:33 pm

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8/15/2010 12:20:31 pm

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8/19/2010 05:20:58 pm

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8/22/2010 11:15:03 am

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8/25/2010 01:39:41 pm

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11/9/2010 02:45:57 pm

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11/28/2010 02:35:47 pm

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12/19/2010 04:41:45 pm

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12/24/2010 11:41:17 am

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