'The Niley Web'

This is what some Niley fans have to say.
1).Niley fans are not delusional. I am still pissed at JB for everything last year and I would love to see Miley with Lucas or Adam or something, but even I know that something will always be there. The truth is, both Nick and Miley continue to give people reasons to believe in Niley. Even during 2008, when everything was just a huge mess, never did they indicate they will never be together again, even in Nick's songs. 
2). Niley themselves keeps adding fuel to the Niley rumors. the things they say about each other,the glances, and looks, the songs,like you said even last year when things didn't look so good she was saying alot of good things about him and then I absolutely KNEW something was still there when they were at the city of hope concert and couldn't keep their eyes off each other and Nick looked really miserable like he wanted to go to her but had to settle with staring. I wonder why she quoted inseparable,if she was, I love that song but I didn't realize that's what she was quoting.I sure do hope she and Justin are only friends,I can't stand him,he's a user and he's not even cute and I think too that she's with him out of convenience and Niley always has a chance because they still love each other,now I have go to et.com and see them hanging out together,ahhh love niley

3). When Nick and Miley are around eachother it becomes obvious they can't stay away or stop looking. Examples: City of Hope, took place a month after the 17 article and the Team shirt, 2 epic battles in the war between them last year, yet Nick still couldn't keep his eyes off of her, even though he was dating Selena, they both still smiled and gave eachother a subtle wave, so you can't even say it was for publicity, because no one even noticed it until a clear HQ version was shown on youtube.

Golden Globes, that one was obvious.

Kids inaugural, he made his way across the stage, although Kevin and Joe didn't, and stalled while everyone was walking past and only when Miley was walking to exit did he leave. She was also looking at him when he was giving the others a hug.

Kids choice, I mean, how the hell does her hand end up over his heart? She just can't resist the boy.

On their little date: He reached around to unlock the door for her, even though all she had to do was pull it up like he did (look @ the pap video, he simply pulled it up when she asked him to unlock it) the boy did not do it just to be nice, he twisted his whole body and reached over her to unlock it.

and i'm tired right now, give me a few and i'll continue with the interviews they did.