'The Niley Web'

This story is Mileys POV.

Mnemophobia -Fear Of Memories
Yep, Thats right. I, Miley Cyrus am afraid of my memories. Why? Cause my dad died in front of me. Well actually my step dad. My biological dad left my mom and me when I was young. Right now I am looking for my grandmother [Marie] at an airport. You see my mom was really worried about me because I have been mourning about my dads death. So she sent me to Maine. Where my dads mom lived. The moment Marie sees me, she pulled me in a big hug.
Marie: Well arent you a sight for sore eyes. Hard trip?
Miley: Yeah
I got in the car.
Marie: So youre mom see you off? 
Miley: She cried. I felt awful when she cried
I didnt dare to look at her eyes. They were the same as my dads eyes. It might make me feel sad.
Marie: She would. Its hard on her, letting you go
Miley: Then she probably shouldnt have gotten rid of me
Marie: Thats what you think shes doing, shes just trying to keep you
Miley: What? Sane? Shes shoving me off to a land of zero population growth to keep me sane?
Marie: A little bitter there sweetheart? 
Miley: Yeah. I know. Sorry
Marie: Bitter is better than nothing. From what your mom says youve been awful depressed, nothing like your normal stubborn, save-the-world self.
Miley: He died, Marie.
Marie: I know, sweetie. But he would want us to keep living.
We didnt talk for a while.
Miley: Marie!
There was a tall guy standing on the side of the road, not moving, just starring. Marie jerks the truck across the double yellow line and then put us back where we belong.
Marie: Crap
She was almost panting. My hands clutch my seat belt. She pulls in a couple big breaths.
Marie: Dont start talking like me or your mom will kill me.
Miley: You saw him?
Marie: Of course I did. Why do you ask?
Miley: I just keep thinking I see this guy everywhere. This tall, dark-haired, pale guy. That couldnt be him, though.
Marie: You saw this guy in Charleston?
I nodded.
To Be Continued...

Its short. I know. And Boring. But I promise the next one will be better. I think there will be a niley moment. I think. So Comment. 5 COMMENTS PLEASE :]

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