'The Niley Web'

[This guy was so tall that I wonder how he fits in a MINI. He flashed me another smile. Gosh! He has an amazing smile]
Nick: Youre new. Miley, right?
Miley: How did you know that?
Nick: I know Marie. Youre grandmother. 
Miley: You know Marie? [I tried to take some steps toward the school, and slipped]
Nick: She taught wilderness first-responder class. Shes great. I cant believe she didnt make you wear boots. [He grabs my arm. I though I was about to faint.]
Miley: She already left.
Nick: You should wear boots.
[He walks slowly even though we heard the bell rings]
Miley: You dont have to help me. Its okay. Youre going to be late. 
Nick: Im not letting you fall.
[I swallowed and look at him]
Miley: Thanks.
Nick: Anytime. 
[He holds open the door for me. When I walked in I didnt expected it to be a happy place. The hallways smells like pancake syrup. And the walls were bright.]
Miley: Thank God. [I muttered, and stomp the storm off my shoes. Hoping that my toes will warm up to twenty degrees soon. ]
Nick: The office is this way. Are you going to be okay? 
Miley: Yeah. Thanks. [
He nods and gives a little half smile and waves before he walks away. He strides really. Hes beautiful, even from the back. I started walking to the office. I pushed open the door. Its a lot lighter than I expected. It slams into the wall with a big thud.]
Miley: Sorry.
[The good-looking pale girl doing the announcements gives me a one of those Who the hell are you? look. I smiled at her and try to channel sweetness while I say sorry again. It didnt work. She flings her blond hair behind her shoulder and lifts her lip in a little snarl. My apology worked on the secretary though.]
Mrs.Nix: Oh! You must be Miley Cyrus! Maries granddaughter. You look so much like your mother. Its really remarkable. I would have known you anywhere. Its like twins only different hair. You must have your fathers hair.
Miley: Yep. Thats me. Hi. I need to register for classes. Sorry if that makes extra work for you. 
Mrs.Nix: How sweet. Shes sorry. Your mother raised you well. Im sorry about your stepfather, dear.
Miley: Thanks.
Mrs.Nix: I knew them, you know, your parents. [She yanks out a class schedule] Here you go, sweetie. All your classes. Im Mrs.Nix.
[I took the schedule. My hands were shaking. And I didnt know why. The whole paper shakes. Gosh.]
Mrs.Nix: Itll be okay, dear. First days always the hardest! [She turned to Evil Announcement Girl] Meghan, you want to show Miley to her first class?
[Meagan. What an absolutely perfect name for Evil Announcement Girl. Meaghans always hate me.]
Meagan: I have announcements.
Mrs.Nix: Oh thats right. Lucas, how about you bring Miley to her homeroom?
[The boy in the back of the office unfolds his long legs from behind a computer and smiles appraisingly.]
Lucas: Sure thing.
[He saunters over and stands so close that I have to crane my neck to look up at his long, pale face crowned with blond hair. Are all boys in this town tall? My step dad wasnt that tall. We walked out the office. He was walking way faster than me. He noticed and slowed down.]
Lucas: Sorry. Long legs.

[He blushes. I smirk. He blushes even harder and stumbles over his words.]
Lucas: I didnt mean that you are short or anything. I just meant that my legs are well theyre long, you know, and 
Miley: Its okay.
Lucas: Really? [He smiles at me, one of those little boy smiles. 
Miley: Really. Are you a runner?
Lucas: You could say that. [He grabs my elbow.] I won All-State in the 1600 last spring and I was All-New England in the-
Nick: Bragging competition. [Someone grumble as they bump me, jolting me away from Lucas, whose hand tightens on my elbow in a way that is way too protective.
Nick: Excuse me. [Then he left. I stared after him.]

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i liked this haha

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loved it it was AMAZING

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It was awesome! Can't wait for the next one

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omj i loved that.
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