'The Niley Web'

Marie: Miley, honey, I dont mean to scare you, but I want you to stay in the house at night, okay. No fooling around, no going out.
Miley: What? Why? 
Marie: A boy went missing last week. People are worried that some thing happened to him.
Miley: He could have just run away.
Marie: Maybe, maybe not. Thats not the whole reason, though. Look, my job is all about saving people, right? And I know you are used to training all night at Charleston, but there arent that many streetlamps here. I dont want to be scraping my own granddaughter off the Beechland Road, got it?
Miley: Sure, Im not running much anymore anyway
Marie: You arent doing much anymore is what I hear.
[A few minutes later]
Marie: Almost home. I bet youre tired.
Miley: Just a little.
[We finally got there. The only thing I like in Maine right now is that Marie got me a car. A Sabura.]
Marie: Its brand new. The driving is tough in Maine. I wanted you to be safe. And I cant be driving you around everywhere like some sort of damn chauffer.
[I called my mom when we got inside.]
Miley: Im here
Tish :Oh, sweetie. Im glad you made it safe. How was it?
Miley: Cold.
Tish: Sounds like Maine I remember. Are you still made at me?
Miley: Yep.
Tish: Its for your own good.
Miley: Right. Did you know a boy up here went missing last week?
Tish: What? Put your grandmother on the phone, okay? Miley I love you.
Miley: Love you too.
[I gave the phone to Marie. Then I went up to my new room. I didnt want to go to sleep. Because I didnt want to go to school the next day. But I had to.
I woke up in the morning. I changed my clothes then went downstairs. I didnt see Marie though. I ate breakfast and went to my car. But I stopped walking when I saw huge dog prints. I didnt know that Marie had a dog. Acually it didnt seem to look like dog prints. Its way too big. I smack myself in the head. I have been reading too much Stephen King. I stopped thinking about it and went in the car and went to school. By the time I got to school, my knuckles were white and frostbite. And my hearts beating a million times a minute, so im not happy when some jerk in a beautiful red MINI Cooper cuts me off and speeds into the parking lot in front of me. He has chains on his tires. They dont spin. I love MINIs.]
Miley: I will not be violent. I will not be violent. I am peaceful and good. I do not want to give anyone the finger.
[I swift off the car, thrust myself out the door and wait. The MINI Cooper guy jumps out of the car with the grace that only really good jocks have and lands on an ice patch without slipping at all. He slams the door, turns around and finally notices that I exist. How kind of him. My heart stops. It starts again, but beats a lot harder when I meet his eyes. Im frozen there and he walks across the ice like hes moving across gravel or grass. He didnt slip at all. Each steps he takes brings him closer to me. His so close to me that hes invading my personal space. I take a step backward and slip. His hand reaches out and grabs my elbow, balancing me.]
Nick: Be careful. Its wicked slippery here.
[ He said. A smile leaking across his face. I would smile but im too busy feeling all wiggly inside. I tough up my voice.]
Miley: Oh. Yeah.
Nick: You sure youre okay?
Miley: Yeah.

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